Quality is the life of enterprise

Quality is the life of enterprise. In LANCHAM, the quality is not only the final inspection but run through the whole production process.

Our research and development team

Our research and development team, effectively and professionally implement a complete quality control and assurance system. And always focus on drawing review and feasibility study, raise the concern at the beginning of development, then detail the FMEA and control plan, eliminate the quality risk in mass production. Every new product development must follow APQP, keep phase verification, and guarantee the quality of mass production follow PPAP process.


We focus on product assurance

Lancham focus on product assurance; make sure every characteristic conformance to the drawing. After PPAP approval stage, we have our own annually product audit plan for all customer: Every PN will be picked for full dimensional check & 3D profile scan per year (two parts). LANCHAM has our annually plan of manufacturing processes assessment and weekly plan of process walk and specific audit for ourselves and all our suppliers. For daily quality control, LANCHAM has two PDI (Prior Delivery Inspection) ways to monitor every shipments : Lancham inhouse 100% inspection and Lancham QC onsite sampling inspection

In addition to strict quality management

In addition to strict quality management, LANCHAM also has an advanced QC lab, covered most of physical test, chemical test and dimensional measurements, We also keep close cooperation with several CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) and CMA (China Metrology Accreditation) certification 3RD Part labs which can fulfill most of requirements in mechanical industry, like non-destructive test etc.

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